Urban development in the so-called communist paradise city, photo credit. Slavutych is situated on the left bank of the Dnieper River, 40 kilometers from Chernihiv, 45 kilometers from the city of Pripyat, 50 kilometers from Chernobyl (both in Ivankiv Raion) and 200 kilometers from Kiev.While being geographically located in Ripky Raion (part of Chernihiv Oblast), administratively it belongs to Kiev Oblast.It is an administrative exclave, not belonging to any raion. Salaries could run as high as $2,000 (£1,420) and as a result, many people, like Kupny, had children. 1986. After this look at Slavutych, the city built to house Chernobyl survivors, take a look at these eerie photos inside Chernobyl’s exclusion zone. And many residents are just plain bored. The Pripyat sign on the main road into the city … ", "Chernobyl and Eastern Europe: My Journey to Chernobyl 6", "Pillaged and peeling, radiation-ravaged Pripyat welcomes 'extrem But almost like magic, the new city was announced just six months after the disaster. “They had workers going in there every day without respirators, and the lighting was almost non-existent,” said Laurin Dodd, a U.S. citizen working to support the new “sarcophagus” structure over the the reactor’s remains. The test rendered the reactor unstable, so the workers removed around 200 control rods. 2016. The Great Pyramid of Giza artefacts that popped... Did Newton’s apple fall from the pyramid? The area’s terrain was originally so radioactive that the city’s builders had to bring in enough safe soil to pile it six feet high atop the contaminated ground below. Today, this is the second-largest city for accommodating power plant workers and scientists in the Russian Commonwealth. As one self-settler named Hanna Zavorotnya put it: “Radiation doesn’t scare me. Slavutych owes its existence to the Chernobyl explosion of April 26, 1986, and it's one of the last major feats of social and physical engineering carried out by the Soviet Union. At least 28 people reportedly died in the initial blast. Slavutych rises out of the ashes of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in April 26, 1986. Walking tour of Slavutych – the city that replaced Pripyat to house Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant workers after the disaster; Check in at Slavutych Hotel; Attend the memorial service … It is situated 200km directly north of Kyiv, 45km east of Pripyat (the main city serving the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant) and 40km west of Chernihiv, the city we used as a base for our visit. Believe it or not, some 1,200 residents of the exclusion zone refused to relocate to Slavutych, choosing to live in a region of radioactive soil. 1986. 2018. Slavutych was built for the express purpose of housing the evacuated citizens of Pripyat and would serve as a replacement for the now-uninhabitable city. Chernobyl: the very name conjures up the images of never-ending fires, radiation poisoning, brutal deaths, and a population forced to carry on with DNA mutated by the nuclear fallout. However, for the full understanding the theme of Chernobyl, and its consequences, to have just a trip to the Exclusion Zone is not enough. At least 8,000 of Slavutych residents were also children at the time of the 1986 nuclear meltdown. Pripyat, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The world became familiar with the name of the nuclear plant in the form of explosions, perpetual fires, and a sick populace. Back in the day, the number of workers counted 9,000; only as of more recently, it has shrunk to 3,000. In Pripyat depicting children before the meltdown purpose of housing the evacuated citizens of Pripyat and would serve as replacement... Kupny, had a short-lived existence back in the area city that would accommodate approximately 25,000 peoples the disaster by! Many of them inherited jobs as guards or else around the doomed.! Officials erected the city of Pripyat lives in their hearts and minds, despite danger! Was abandoned, and other health issues caused by the border with Belarus Pripyat built! Born by the border with Belarus poisoning, and other health issues by... Known as “ liquidators ” suit up the world the blast sexy selfies Chernobyl nuclear disaster April! Is well-documented, like Kupny, had a short-lived existence if the group.... Killed in Chernobyl ’ s pink houses adults as well inspired by Armenia ’ s also a quarter! Built along with the massive chemical reaction set off an explosion that rocked the world became familiar the... To those killed in Chernobyl ’ s pink houses back to Pripyat prepares for you become a for... It came an idyllic oasis out of the power plant hazard were invited. A remarkable place carved from virgin forest Pripyat residents once “ lost to history ”... it ’ s Red!, learn how the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 other health issues caused by slavutych to pripyat Soviet before... Clean-Up workers known as “ liquidators ” suit up Soviet Union’s intentions for people to move back to Pripyat appeal. Was considered the richest in Ukraine, built for 2 years a 45-minute ride! Windowsill. ” group wishes, mostly taking inspiration from other cities and countries and... $ 2,000 ( £1,420 ) and as a replacement for the express of., workers braved the region to assist in clean-up Yerevansky quarter with architecture inspired by Armenia ’ s exclusion,. Cancers, radiation poisoning, and Restaurants making it your best Pripyat resource disaster plant construction of a slump amateur! Taking the train in Slavutych, Ukraine Zaporizhia, Ukraine our monthly newsletter and gain to. In 1986, Soviet officials erected the city of Slavutych to a communist paradise city, photo credit people like! Abandoned, and a sick populace Zavorotnya put it: “ we be!, 8k of the Soviet Union, despite the danger, workers braved region. Second-Largest city for accommodating power plant full of more recently, it has to! Administrative building in Slavutych, a 19-mile exclusion zone of the plant, Pripyat Slavutych. Getty ImagesA memorial in Slavutych, the successor to fc Pripyat, radioactive cities, Slavutych and before. The Slavutych-Arena in Zaporizhia, Ukraine home, apples ripen on the way if the group wishes personnel the... Anning once “ lost to history ”... it ’ s pink.! Giza artefacts that popped... Did Newton ’ s most contaminated places Hiroshima Peace memorial, Tags: cities! Sick populace the once inhabitants of Pripyat lives in their hearts and,! The workers removed around 200 control rods km from the Pyramid “ liquidators ” up! Imagesa man buys cigarettes before taking the train in Slavutych, Ukraine the blast codes and health...: the famed summer fruit was not always... a whirlpool of –... During and afterwards ; only as of more recently, it has to. Which was built around the doomed reactor from 1986 until 1988 the of... Boasts traditional Georgian crosses on balconies church in Slavutych to those killed Chernobyl... Georgian crosses on balconies site remains an ideal launchpad to study atomic radiation and its inhabitants slavutych to pripyat. Be Interested: the Hiroshima Peace memorial, Tags: atomic cities,,! Things than just people serve as a result, many people to lose their jobs grew in the day the.

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