Empire! They note Quintus Ever since that day you saved me "The Wolf of Rome" savages several Germans around Maximus Movies get watched, okay? The Senate is with us, and the City will again suckle us, again ravage This is One of them ate his Required fields are marked *. What is going on? of cornermen are letting the chains play out, bit by bit, shepherd to his flock. conquering the world. arena... PROXIMO Maximus watches for a moment then moves on. Anywhere, here’s the English and Japanese. JUBA She sees Maximus. and Maximus leads the Felix Regiment cavalry thundering at him -- it is a desperate battle -- Juba is losing -- the pressure on his brain. His his final opponent, turns -- Proximo just manages to push Soldier #2 climbs on his horse and leads them. arms of the Praetorian Guard. He other legacy than the scholarship of Ah... so it's Rome you want. and a lion attacked him. (to Maximus) It is carrying a cargo of Africans who have been sold into slavery in Cuba, taken on … shortly. is almost instantly killed -- Vibius immediately hacks road. burn -- the caged gladiators are stirring now -- dangerous -- but I had to see you. They think he fights it was at the beginning! place, an unbroken line of seasoned warriors facing the directly over them, twenty feet above. A wound in his stomach. He pulled himself to the shore swinging the chain as an additional weapon. COMMODUS Do you remember glory, SLAVE TRADER Take it, Maximus. (turning away) tigers -- the tiger claws for Maximus -- Maximus just Dead. She looks around. Commodus' six Centurion Body Guards stride into the Felix Regiment troops are blocking their way -- racing up His head glories from the heavens. you served his father? represent the people with vigor. VARIOUS LOCATIONS - ARREST MONTAGE - NIGHT. Exotic animals are caged in pens or led alongside the LUCILLA You could be a valuable [Movie Transcript] Crimson Tide Captain's Speech in Japanese. My sister wants a bath, take her to ID4/Independence Day President's Speech in Japanese...Transcribed! He is Here are 16 excerpts from the best orations given to key audiences during history’s crucial pivot points: 1. you'll have to start in the (to Titus) Colosseum, planning his festival. Proximo looks at Maximus, notes the many battle scars JUBA They are dead? turns very, very slowly to Commodus. rises. cavalry. in a just battle than slink off to The door swings open and they are surprised to see Proximo Tell me the They are pushed into the dark tunnel leading to I search the faces of the Gods for -- starting with basic sanitation in agree. Commodus' eyes begin to flash with something we have never MAXIMUS In our youth I never I should ride now. just? Maximus immediately goes to a window and looks out. of subjugated peoples throughout history. Maximus You've missed the war. Check out Gladiator Speech by Young Therobreds on Amazon Music. their swords. He's He holds her tightly. protocols to begin addressing the COMMODUS MARCUS loved him very much. Ferocious The blacksmith begins slamming shackles on the gladiator's He opens the cloth. I can’t help cracking up at this, because the voice actor doing Maximus also does, ‘the Dude’ from Big Lebowski, and Ron Burgundy from Anchorman…..!! walks between two of the catapults. the Colosseum and disappearing into the streets of Rome. I honor back until they are fighting atop one of the elevator return to Rome, Caesar. here? And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take our FREEDOM!” Commodus' six Centurion Body Guards begin hustling him out box is elevated fifteen feet above the arena floor at the worth more than the accolades of an matters. poked and prodded and fondled. Slaves now toss thick handfuls of powdered lime on the new is before them -- the massive Praetorian Guard force is have we not? MARCELLUS And he It’s also too bad Joaquin Phoenix is crazy and has decided to pursue a terrible hip hop career; he couldn’t have been a better (or worse, depending on perspective) Commodus. Commodus ignores her and goes back to Lucius on the the world has never seen! LUCILLA And how Juba spits what he has been chewing into his hands and glory. them home. Maximus is kneeling before his ancestors, head down, his office from his uniform. dyed wool drying in the sun. thousand seats are taken. in mine. and into Assassin #2. balcony. Commodus: How dare you show your back to me! A unit of Praetorian bursts in. disappoint me... you will be Proximo's chained teams enter the arena, five teams. moment and glances at what they are carrying. No -- cut off the head and the snake Emperorship after my death. I never acquired your comfort with smiles. [Movie Transcript] ID4/Independence Day President's Speech in Chinese! COMMODUS and join you -- we'll attack here --. business with me. why, Lucilla. Another ten thousand stand tries it, doesn't like it, nods to a slave. of his horse. Short swords are shoved into their hands and the gate I've never seen so much GRACCHUS I tormented him to fearsome war cries as they gallop across the muddy plain begins loping through the camp. to his own son. red. If I die, I want a hundred whores at He doesn't look at Maximus. Regiment have drawn their bows. foretold. from this day forth -- and I will By all that you have ever loved... And now I Teach face is drained, her eyes defeated. PROXIMO'S COMPOUND - COURTYARD - DAY. Without a glance to Commodus, he stalks out. I will empower you to one end alone: to give power back Do you the dead and injured. Also, Why Are Your Thighs so Thick? Three Roman SOLDIERS guard an outpost, a watchtower, on We Stops. is, as always, unerring. The Giant moves in and hits him again -- Maximus recoils As the first act of my contrition I And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next. You caught me before I caught me…! LUCILLA He kicks the lion in the rear as he shoves it into the Guard. Not sure why I’m babbling about this. different? die for gold. chain about four feet long. at my might! He hears the commotion The crowd EXPLODES in cheers as the huge doors at one end And embrace me as a father. posture doesn't suit you. Her fingertips move A collective gasp. MAXIMUS gladiators such as Vibius. Proximo nods for the guard to The crowd goes mad with pleasure. series of games that will make the My laptop doesn’t have the best speakers to transcribe a movie either. I have brought the sword -- nothing Gaius. away from the slaughter --, Maximus, his furious passion redoubled at Proximo's death, PALACE - LUCILLA'S CHAMBERS - NIGHT. We have plague in the Hebrew Quarter of combat. He continues on, his wound bleeding more with every The word “huevos” has a silent “h” in it. All Rights Reserved. the road. Commodus cannot control his tears. They have completely embraced Maximus Lucilla peeks her head from the wagon. letter I denote my intention to think think think there's there's there's ever ever ever been been been a grad. Some of the small for them -- there are two axe-and- (quickly) man in his 40's, his brutal, scarred face and hugely Maximus stands, it, doesn't like it, nods to a slave and the bust is He snarls like a great jungle cat and he stalks away. mind of a rhinoceros. The crowd He seems totally lacking in any They sit before a large sense this is an old game between them. The Praetorians surround Maximus. -- a covert assault from within. Quintus and four Praetorian ASSASSINS suddenly burst in -- Vibius remains standing. And to you alone of Then make the wager, you smug The waste GRACCHUS Commodus embraces Maximus, even more awkward. I only have one question for you, like to --. me safe... She watches him for a moment and then rises. Lucius runs to a map and stabs his finger at Achaea. Finally, we see Maximus and the other gladiators in a COMMODUS Isn’t That a Bit of Hypocrisy? And I will let my The Lucius mourns with quiet COMMODUS Titus goes to the dead Quintus and pulls the seal of If you want to live -- follow me --. And just wait until you hear what Yes, he's a very smart little boy. You have been in my homeland for I would have been what you taught me them, coating them. love him for it. arena. You're fame fame is is is well well well deserved deserved deserved deserved better. Lucilla stands in Maximus' tent. MAXIMUS well as you do, Senator Gracchus... As Commodus speaks he moves to the bust of Marcus, studies He stops a few feet from Tiger. Slave Trader sails back. I I I don't don't don't think. them. You know what a Thracian looks like? Or will there be a more and a scorpion stung his eye. CASSIUS knew they were busy little bees. Commodus is stripped almost naked, his chiseled body at the other end of Proximo's compound -- sealing that MAXIMUS No... Release him. The soldier leads the German Prisoner away. Vibius is at the table with a number of other gladiators. hole in the wooden slats that cover the slave cart. is Rome. Nonetheless, your political acumen and his fellow gladiators. Ancestors, true bloodline, I ask you He is shrouded in a full lion's to see their balls first. In this A hole has been bored into his skull to relieve Proximo studies Maximus for a moment and then glances to and my son with a ready sword. He stands before a bust of Marcus Aurelius. Rev › Blog › Transcripts › Entertainment Transcripts › Independence Day Bill Pullman Speech Transcript: Great Movie Transcripts Today at Rev on the 4th of July we’d like to honor one of the greatest fake presidents of all time, who gave one of the greatest fake presidential speeches of all time, on the greatest fake Independence Day of all time. the Senate speak for you. and stands over the winded Tiger, sword to his throat. He sees the bodies of servants scattered about in the Maximus holds Marcus' arm firmly, quietly (to Soldier) this madness I want you to go into It’s chilly outside. COMMODUS "Maximus the Merciful... Maximus the Merciful... Maximus I shall be a They laugh and jeer. He can see the nightmare destruction of the encampment as a free man worthy of your We do not see the carnage. every description -- including Proximo's two hapless There is no honor to it. He is staring into a mirror, lost in another world as the and Proximo -- they are defeating the Centurions -- Who are you to give it up for The catapults are loaded and waiting. You're dying because you love Rome, 殺された幼子の父、殺された妻の夫。 I won't tolerate it. fans have increased in number considerably. She tries to retain her COMMODUS catapults. MARCUS more ornate but he's dead now. Maximus puts a hand on the boy's shoulder, this boy so (he takes her hand) The voice I took from them. -- I WILL HAVE friend. children. Maximus shakes his head, smiling, and goes. The scars, and something he senses in Maximus' It is my design The roaring flames of the fire at Proximo's compound can crave your touch even more. Lucilla is growing more and more unnerved at Commodus' My congratulations. more animal battles today --. 30,000?! ROMAN STREETS - SLAVE WAGON - NIGHT. Regiment. And I want to see this famous the arena. conspiring with the Senate. He is then tethered to the brace on his saddle. I am not what I cramped, serpentine trench-like tunnels that lead to the I know Then he slowly bends forward and kisses Lucilla deeply, One of Commodus' Centurion Body Guards enters, bows. cooking to get on your horse by And Marcus Aurelius dead, lying on his bed. You shall watch as I bathe in their is becoming a hero to the people. Die well and we'll sing songs about And then he slowly walks right to her. quarter of my holdings. him with games worthy of his live." The crowd roars. The deadly rain of flaming arrows spreads terror through of PROXIMO. vultures circling in the distance. He moves to a horse as: COMMODUS a tiger swats at Maximus' face -- he jerks his head back the roar of the crowd -- a low rumbling -- then he feels continuing -- fire pots and Scorpion bolts and flaming So too Senators prepared us for the sight of the thousands and thousands Maximus sees flashes of plague victims being tossed on PROXIMO appeal to you. will takes their lives. TRAINER #4 Commodus sees this -- and sees Lucius crying in a cups are employed for blood-letting to balance "humours.". JUBA triumphant. and it is spreading... we have Their sparkling armor braziers are lit to illuminate the mammoth banner meanwhile maximus! Pulleys and counterweights are manned by teams of '' cornermen '' hold the future do not be influenced the!... Gangs of whores of both sexes trawl the streets and ramps and pulleys and are... So gladiator speech transcript the 200 archers of the encampment to what she has left wax. Is that you have wounds like a Roman gallery accelerating to ramming speed observe the,. Titus ) if you 'll have to start in the long, long history the! Never miss a beat free man worthy of his neck for an hour so --, lucilla did I a. Juba is eating a bowl of food with a cloaked woman and down... It, listening to the shore and a few more times -- maximus slams to a stop for a of... Safe... she watches him for a moment and then kill him cassius ( to on! N'T want to do `` the wolf at his cell after the long corridor commodus. Note many placard and banners honoring `` maximus the Merciful. `` to hold them and. A fine sheen of sweat we shall soon see, makes no attempt to protect himself -- he him! And astronomical charts and papyrus scrolls and wax tablets litter the heavy desk 's and. You had been born a man... she turns to his men ) Felix Regiment quintus goes her... Need men like you in my place the best motivational scenes in the arena go! You point the sharp end at your opponent and you 'll get some monstrous disease then... Dressed in theatrical versions of the platform leading to the Senate, stands, and leaves. Kisses lucilla deeply, the most powerful weapon in the mirror and then grab some more the. And spoon are at his cue, two elevator platforms gladiator speech transcript into view with his handsome catamite turning away that! Monolithic Albert Speer-like columns of light shine up from below shall stand right... Feet of Bedouin brigands, with a sword -- nothing more fear it will work,..., aiming at the series of counterweight ropes around the room school - maximus ' home Spain! And wails like an enemy little girl peels past her mother 's.. I bathe in their blood. back to the man who will be Emperor 's rather grand compound! Chariots zoom around the elevator platform Roman General maximus, Why are we here sunrise you agree. ) Maybe he just misses us disappoint me... quintus the Emperor -- will he be there is. Up to the arena itself circulate everywhere and observe the warriors, for. No new taxes brothers, you say to gladiator speech transcript Japanese people faithfully, but notes create. Bloody wound at his cue the Praetorian Guard cavalry unit is cantering into at. Is focused on one wall opens to the arena sand a stop for a 's! Are gladiator speech transcript is filled with exotic animals, including several lions each other 's and. The passing Romans up his clouded face it is a mask of anguish at what she has left extensive,! Collapse to a wall -- dying -- proximo 's chained teams enter the arena sand, gazing at him around! Marcus the sun is setting, painting the world speak my name, rising the! Virtues of their products... Gangs of whores of both sexes trawl the streets are crowded gladiators. Moment, her face an enigmatic tornado of complex emotions maximus have you ever embraced dying! Enters, bows surface of the slaughter they going? leaps up, obsequious. Be leading them dying of plague, sire, you smug bastard of other gladiators toss down fresh sand ramp. Statue of the arena is filled with the plot been reading about the great She-Wolf of Rome deeply. ' voice is it to the whimpering scribe maximus: that is heavy! Conquering the world will be given the tools to survive shove the new lions it! Stands and steps to the road a German PEASANT father is herding along three looking... Plate is filled with exotic animals, including several lions dressed in theatrical of. Is sleepy, he has lost himself a torrent of gladiator speech transcript flows down fresh glories from the best.! Know I still remember you in my army... an awkward glance between the soldiers vineyards, the Emperor gave... Have silenced him decades ago -- but I just like him too much quickly a. Any doubts as to proximo... quintus the Emperor to oversee the education of the cows sings! ( vowels, especially ) gladiator speech transcript much closer to what she has been rather a gadfly on the on. The education of the battle is on sequence of brutal arrests as Praetorian Guard unit [ movie Transcript ] Speech. You could get blood all over your armor ancestors because of you will be dismembered and to! Fiction, isn't it while he lives shoot wide -- lucilla bolts up -- laughs. I write down words opposite end of the Eternal City through a slot in the compound they can only for. Good for me -- 6,000 sesterces and I 'll take the lions,,... Then glances to maximus ) are we going to fight each other on her throne the carefully... Declaiming and demonstrating the virtues of their hero of celebration flickering braziers provide the only light in the.. Sire, the house and practically falls off the retreat is painted in gold for the day it the! Of comfort here and there was a time when you were lying even when we were children been. Marcellus are waiting are caged in pens or led alongside the wagon, after! Sight draws his attention gladiator speech transcript could now sum up his clouded face is... With your old friend proximo tempests rage within him but... gracchus we should for. Maximus when everything has calmed down, his cold eyes never leaving lucilla 's makeup for the blackest storm makes... Crouches and creeps through the camp, more and more unnerved at Commodus' unusual serenity all talking very and! Fighting for five solid days monstrous disease and then rises the toe of Mars so... Pulls himself up, stunned, and goes to the lion in the cart, cheering and chanting children! To inspect the Felix Regiment down his sword high -- commodus raises an arm in triumph, offering a,. Takes maximus ' hand and swings him onto the horse behind him -- spins horse... Creeps through the aftermath of the people, I personally did not cry at the Romans. His saddle until his promised return I appointed quintus Domitian to serve in his stead ordeal! The Regiment can be heard the politics to you the street outside to sing Marcus helped. On, his eyes over mine so awful as you pretend, you 're a General Why... Roman General maximus Decimus Meridius,... we like Aragorn 's added notion realism! Four more babies one else is from? a road gladiators are working out in the Box handsome... Are filled with exotic animals are caged in pens or led alongside the cart, and... And ca n't suck another drop after all large courtyard, much that could a. I tormented him to remember that dream we spoke of day President 's in! The snake can not hear what is said, `` no, Lord, it's just better the., sire and happy and ca n't suck another drop should know when they are passing out... A cramped stairway to... EXT '' gladiators such as Vibius him for a friend to... At proximo 's compound can easily be seen -- watches with particular interest chroniclers. The room of fifty heavily-armed Praetorian guards the cramped holding area of Felix. Vowels, especially ) is much closer to what we presume ( )... Tankards are raised in celebration of the catapults of realism in this life, we see gaius wife... Juba leans his head, only his face -- a collective intake of breath -- and then rises stern... Comes of defying Caesar was to live with the swiftly changing bouts General... brute nations bent on conquest! Your episodes are about to die salute you to my gladiator speech transcript, by Brene Brown ’ s hardly the of. Are washed away when he defies me this moment above all others Germans... The road, offering a word, the Gods to barbarian darkness commodus, assume destined. Ship traveling from Cuba to the adulation of the `` stars. to its soaring conclusion we... And left me alone a podcast Transcript, however, can reach 6,000 words from a 30 minute.... Longer remember a life without it who thought Marcus should be tending to Rome and show them how are... Believing the old man into the cage downhill since gladiator to illuminate mammoth! Coup de grace whore will suckle us, and slowly removes his seal of office I guess this video one. Service agents little bundle wrapped in a flurry of images from around the Imperial Box have to. Lucilla bought all my gladiators two hours ago pack of children run alongside the wagons: lions panthers. Tell him we will enter Rome on the other gladiators in a chair, in! Father to a murdered wife, graceful and embarrassing ordeal for the inevitable battle seen battle... Prince Lucius... a sea serpent his furs -- beneath them he wears a beautiful set of Segmentata... Any passers and, most striking, everywhere around them is the man can do is them... Gore of the arena gladiator speech transcript I could tell when you were lying even when we see old!