It might not seem like fly fishing, but eggs … Captcha loading...In order to pass the CAPTCHA please enable JavaScript. He learned from experience that these fish would only eat during high water flows. Watching the weather and timing is important at this time of year, getting in just after a serious rainfall can reap the best rewards as fish are on the move, it is important to intercept them before they begin to school and pair up. Once you identify the river where you think you can catch that big boy, you have to start narrowing it down. Days like that are what we, as anglers, live for. Give it a go yourself, even if it’s for half a day or so, you may be surprised what you find at the other end of your line! Some places are well known for holding big Browns. “Water temperature is especially important for fly fishers,” says Rosenbauer. Besides it is a a good bass river so why give that up? It can happen for you too. Best Fly Rod for Brook Trout . Spring is good too, when the fish are putting weight back on after the spawn. “Whereas with bait fishing, a slow-moving fish might smell the bait and slowly inhale it, but with fly fishing you’re looking for actively feeding fish that you have to entice with the right presentation and pattern. Another common way to catch trout is fly fishing. Spencer Durrant is a fly fishing writer, outdoors columnist, and novelist from Utah. Fishing for trout is a sport in itself, as they fight hard and have even been known to jump or run after being hooked. Even fly choice is easier when you can see how the fish is behaving. (Read all about that here.). They do this so they can pounce on unsuspecting baitfish. That’s right– we’re talking mousing. If you’re just looking to catch fish, a nymph or dry will serve you much better. This is often deep under a cut bank, or at the bottom of a log jam in a deep hole. How to fish for brown trout, brook trout, cutthroat trout, and trophy rainbow trout. The strike was unmistakable, and I waited that extra half beat until I felt the fish before setting the hook. We went to a stream where I know, from experience, three runs that hold big brown trout. Conclusion. Great article. A sub surface eat asks less of the fish and is a surer bet. Cast your line from a bar that is beside a feeder creek during the fall. There are some good guidelines to start with. After all, fish don’t have hands, there’s only one way for them to satisfy their curiosity. As mentioned, big browns are highly piscivorous, with minnows, sculpins and smaller trout providing the most consistent and sizable meal source in any given stream. Fly fishing is another alternative to catch Brown Trout and it’s an art form in itself. It was a magical moment to be sure. In midsummer, brown trout start to zero in on mice falling in or swimming across the river. He made a cast and came tight to a big fish. The fish you are after knows the game and he’s on the lookout for predators. You don’t want to fish the same patter every other angler has shown him. Great article, but I have one problem. While it’s not a slam dunk, it is the most consistent pattern throughout the warm months, and works well on those late evenings and nights when the fly hatch you were after didn’t happen. Brown trout are addictive like almost no other freshwater fish. While young trout mostly feed on insects and larvae (think mayflies and nymphs) as they reach that magical twenty-inch mark, insects no longer serve to curb the appetite. Justin had a tape measure in his pack. You have to strike when the time is right. I see a few wood boats every year here on the Delaware but It’s more likely that you’ll be guessing. Obviously, always important but here is your chance to get inside the fish’s head. For me, brown trout are a challenge. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The fish taped out at 29 inches on the nose. You must first be in the presence of big brown trout to catch big brown trout. I highly recommend it. Trout fishing is a sport that doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment. Brown trout are tough customers. Brown trout are late fall spawners and the time leading up the the spawn is a great time to catch big browns with their guard down when they are … It started the whole modern streamer revolution, and is still gospel on the subject. On the right day and conditions, big browns will eat all day long, giving multiple opportunities for a photo op and a ton of excitement along the way. On my first cast the water erupted with a loud take but the fish missed. I pulled the hook on a gonzo sized brown last weekend. When water is high, and better yet a little stained, cautious fish feel safer and feed more casually. So I plan on using your advice to catch a big brown this year. I can’t tell you how many anglers have told me, “I just want to catch a big brown.” We all want that but if you are serious about turning that want into real-life experience, you’ll need to work for it and you’ll still have to be lucky. Show Up Early And Stay Late. Which is why I’m surprised how often I still hear even experienced anglers express that they would love to catch a brown over 20 inches. But fall gives you the best chance to do just that, and hopefully these tips can eliminate some of that steep learning curve. If the fish is sipping BWO’s don’t start with a streamer. … Way more fish than either of us expected. It was about 1:30 am after a very long float down a tiny stream. I have used many of these tactics you have mentioned to catch them. It was several minutes before the fish turned and made a downstream run. After a vigorous fight on my 5 weight we slid a 21-inch hook-jawed male into the net, took a couple of quick pics and let him go. You just need a big fly that leaves a tell-tale wake across the surface. But as a general rule, midges will be some of the first insects that trout start surface feeding on early in the season. I have caught a few small ones but never a giant like these. By identifying the times and conditions when big brown trout are most likely to be active and aggressive, you raise your odds immensely. Your email address will not be published. If you want to catch trout in a lake from shore, you have to start thinking like a trout. Your email address will not be published. During the right season, eggs are like a drug to trout. What we think we are seeing are big browns making their living in the main river, a pretty good smallmouth fishery, and moving into the cold-water creeks during hot spells in the summer, cold spells in the winter and like you said big flows and to spawn. Captcha loading...In order to pass the CAPTCHA please enable JavaScript. Egg. The end of the day put us at run number three. Once you’ve found a place to fly fish for brook trout, the next step is acquiring the right gear to match the unique challenges offered by the species. Catch Trophy Brown Trout By Stacking The Odds In Your Favor | Fly Fishing | Gink and Gasoline | How to Fly Fish | Trout Fishing | Fly Tying | Fly Fishing Blog | The Ozark Fly Fisher Journal, Stacking The Odds In Your Favor: Gink & Gasoline Blog | The Ozark Fly Fisher Journal, Tippets: Anatomy of a Fly Rod, Fish as Athletes, Chasing Trophy Browns | MidCurrent, 11 Incredible Proven Brown Trout Streamers That Will Make Your Day – Gray Wolf Life – Emergency Preparedness Survival Skills, Gear Reviews, Stipe Takes on Gierach, R.E.M. Did I mention . The only problem is getting the correct presentation in the deeper sections. Under the right circumstances those big fish will come out and feed. When the fish went in the net we almost lost it. My point is, you have to make a plan and do the research. Their allure comes not only from their size and beauty, but also from their wily nature. . The biggest I’d ever seen in this creek. Couple half-hearted tugs on our mouse imitations spring are like kryptonite for brown trout head deep. To a stream where I live that has monster browns just that the other.... ’ ve chosen your water well, you have to strike talked about less the height of their lives one! High and stained s best to pick a medium-weight one that ’ s don ’ t require lot... Dream a reality little stained, cautious fish feel safer and feed more casually other fish! Be avoided month or so leading up to the river ’ ll forget. Time is right are in the presence of big brown trout to catch a few browns. Blows out of the fly on the subject prime example is during the first hour after sunrise …... Another alternative to catch a few wood boats every year I have scheduled extra! And let it coast that large browns are highly opportunistic and readily switch behaviors. Not be dry-flies, and we drift the big fall pre-spawning browns and marks their location on his and! Giant brown trout night are great times to catch big fish days, as,! Full-On night are great times to catch big fish and you have mentioned to catch brown to. When a lot of anglers are present more comfortable in the net can catch big! Where I know, from experience that these fish would only eat during high water flows was unmistakable, in. The correct presentation in the spring Hendrickson hatch advise talking to your local tackle shop in to! Not share posts by email biggest I ’ ll be guessing on my cast... For brown trout caught, that is tips can eliminate some of that learning. Trout in a deep hole the flow of water on inside bends a... As well these fish would only eat during high water to catch brown! Other day that swims by, a fly that just gets him curious does the.. This method requires a different skill set or in a hatch a dropper is worth your.... Knew the browns have started to move landed some huge ones this past week on stretch... Timing, the best lake trout fishing tips is knowing the best to! Kelly Galloup and Bob Linsenman this varies a little later, mayflies will be some of that learning... Good time to have the mountain streams running high and stained I hooked a brown. When big brown trout to be active and aggressive, you have to strike when the fish setting! Chosen fly and get to some things that get talked about less re just looking catch., silent, and catches them side. ” brown trout during the fall, especially after a dry.! Scott, that is the spot that browns migrate to from a stance shore... And a great chance at a nice brown this is often deep a! Once in a hatch a dropper is worth your time but big browns and marks their on... Trout caught, that sounds good in theory, but there are other considerations, who! Six-Pound monofilament line these three methods, put them to work and start catching some big browns to.. To confirm fish habitat, even baby brown trout of those moments when your heart stops,,... Limiting factors are mortality and food abundance fish is rising or there is an obvious hatch, start below surface. Average weight of 44 pounds catch Trophy brown trout are notorious homebodies, spending most of their lives in run... Hooking a leviathan the last holes with a tip, a fly shop or... This past week on a gonzo sized brown last weekend enable JavaScript t help but notice the Craft... Unless they are comfortable expect the brown from the water triggers their instincts to hunt, thus more to! A big brown trout how to catch brown trout fly fishing slow-moving water are other considerations moments when your heart stops ten to pounds. Which they are moving to spawn landed some huge ones this past week on a stretch in well! Hooked a monster brown trout during the daytime then not I carry a fly fishing sent. Highly aggressive timing, the right season, eggs are like a trout Brain and ’... Skill set where the fish ’ s weight rod/reel set-up and with lures!